Growing into resiliant Laudable sisters (g.i.r.l.s.)


G.I.R.L.S. provides the opportunity for women of various backgrounds an inclusive space that focuses on the growth of sisterhood, to be their authentic selves, develop disciplines relative to their personal lives, career goals and networks, and expand talents for the good of the community.


Growing Into Resilient Laudable Sisters, the name of the group says a lot about out mission, which focus on the growth of our sisterhood, the growth of us coming together as the resilient women we are!! A group of women who support the opportunity to build each other up, to uplift each other, no matter our backgrounds.  A group of women who support individualism, idea, and entrepreneurship.  A group of women who welcome's you to be yourself, to own your beauty, to own being the woman you are!! We share our truths and own our faults -- without judgement


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